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The  Literature  of  Mountain  Climbing 
in  America 






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latoratiMv   of  Moimtaiii 
diinhin^  in  America 

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Reprinted  from  Appalachia,  Vol.  XIV,  No.  3.  Jutio,  101s. 

The  Literature  of  Mountain  Climbing  in  America 

By  Allen  H.  Bext 

The  books  and  magazine  articles  upon  American  mountains, 
like  the  trails  thereof,  have  become  so  numerous  that  there  is 
perhaps  some  excuse  for  a  guide  to  thread  their  mazes.  Mine 
makes  no  pretention  to  completeness;  it  aims  simply  to  give 
a  helping  hand  to  those  who  have  started  on  the  upward 
path.  In  order  to  keep  it  within  reasonable  bounds  only 
books  and  papers  that  are  devoted  wholly  and  in  part  to  actual 
climbing  are  included.  Many  articles  have  strayed  into  un- 
expected   places.     For   example,    oik^    would    hardly   look   for 


information  about  the  White  Mountains  in  a  San  Francisco 
magazine,  or  for  climbs  in  the  Sierra  Nevada  in  a  Honolulu 
monthlj^,  or  for  the  Atlirondacks  in  a  Swiss  mountaineering 
journal,  3'et  all  these  things  have  been  found  and  doubtless 
there  are  many  more  such  that  have  eluded  the  compiler's 
eye.  "^ 

The  beginnings  of  mountaineering  in  America  have  to  be 
looked  for  mainly  in  early  histories  and  narratives  of  travel, 
though  the  first  ascent  in  the  Canadian  Rockies  is  chronicled 
in  the  supplement  to  a  botanical  magazine.  The  first  maga- 
zine article  upon  American  mountains  seems  to  be  Jeremy 
Belknap's  account  of  the  White  Mountains,  printed  in  the 
American  Magazine  in  Philadelphia  in  February,  1788.  The 
first  book  was  Joel  T.  Headley's  The  Adirondack,  published 
in  1849.  The  Alpine  Journal  of  England,  the  earliest  of  such 
magazines,  had  a  short  account  of  a  climb  in  Central  America 
in  its  first  volume,  1864,  and  in  the  third  volume,  1867,  there 
was  an  account  of  an  ascent  of  Mt.  Hood.  The  first  book 
devoted  to  alpine  climbing  in  America  was  Clarence  King's 
Mountaineering  in  the  Sierra  Nevada. 

A'PPALACHIA  has  published  in  recent  years  articles  upon 
Early  Mountaineers  (May,  1913);  The  Indians  and  the  Moun- 
tains (June,  1915);  and  The  Mountaineering  Clubs  of  America 
(December,  1916).  These  collectively  form  a  sort  of  intro- 
duction to  the  mountains  of  America;  but,  as  all  were  written 
by  the  compiler  of  this  list,  perhaps  his  recommendation  is 
not  valid.  More  interesting  are  John  C.  Van  Dyke's  book 
The  Moimtain  (1916),  and  the  articles  on  "Famous  American 
Mountains,"  by  Henry  Gannett,  in  Everybody's  Magazine, 
May,  1902;  "Mountaineering  in  North  America,"  by  Robert 
Dunn,  in  Outing,  September,  1907;  "The  World's  Highest 
Altitudes  and  First  Ascents,"  by  Charles  E.  Fay,  in  the  Na- 
tional Geographic  Magazine,  June,  1909;  and  "The  Climbed 
and  Unclimbed  Peaks  of  the  Americas,"  by  Granville  For- 
tescue,  in  the  Bulletin  of  the  International  Bureau  of  the  Ameri- 
can Republics,  June,  1910.  Valuable  as  adjuncts  are  the 
Dictionary  of  Altitudes  prepared  by  the  U.  S.  Geological  Sur- 
vey in  1906;  the  booklet  upon  Equipment,  published  by  the 
Appalachian  Mountain  Club  in  1916;  and  the  maps  of  the 
U.  S.  Geological  Survey  and  Forest  Service  of  the  United 



States,    and    the    Topographical   Survey   and   the   Dominion 
Parks  of  the  Department  of  Interior  of  Canada. 

Of  first  importance  perhaps  are  the  journals  of  our  moun- 
taineering clubs,  which  accordingly  we  place  first  in  our  list. 
Then  follows  the  bibliography  of  peaks,  ranges  or  regions 
arranged  in  alphabetical  order,  the  individual  titles  being  so 
far  as  feasible  in  chronological  sequence. 


Appalachia.     Appalachian  Mountain  Club,  Boston,  since  1876. 
Sierra  Club  Journal.     Sierra  Club,  San  Francisco,  since  1893. 
Mazama.     The  Mazamas,  Portland,  Oregon,  irregularly  1896  to  1907, 

annually  s-inre  1912. 
Mt.  Whitney  Club  Journal.   Visalia,  California,  three  numbers,  1902, 

1903,  1904. 
Alpina  Americana.     American  Alpine  Club,  1907,  1911,  1914. 
Canadian  Alpine  Journal.     Alpine  Club  of  Canada,  Banff,  Alberta, 

since  1907  (except  1914). 
The  Mountaineer.     The  Mountaineers,   Seattle,  Washington,   since 

The    Northern    Cordilleran.     British    Columbia    Mountaineering 

Club,  Vancouver,  B.  C,  one  number,  1913. 
Trail  anb  Timberline.    Colorado  Mountain  Club,  Denver,  Colorado, 

1915  and  1916. 


The  Adirondack;  or  Life  in  the  Woods.  By  Joel  T.  Headley,  1849- 
(The  first  book  devoted  entirely  to  mountains  in  America.) 

The  Indian  Pass.     By  Alfred  B.  Street,  1869. 

Second  and  Seventh  Reports  on  the  Topographical  Survey  of  the 
Adirondack  Wilderness.     By  Verplanck  Colvin,  1S74  and  1880. 

Little  Rivers.  By  Henry  Van  Dyke,  1895.  (Chapte  •  on  Amper- 

The  Adirondacks.     By  T.  Morris  Longstreth,    917. 

Appalachia,  December  1888,  May  1890,  July  1891,  June  190S,>  July  1910,» 

Outing,  December,   1912  and  L'Echo  des  Alps,  Januarj-  1917. 

Bibliography  in  Longstreth's  book. 


Shores  and  Alps  of  Alaska.     By  H.  W.  Seton  Karr,  1887. 
Thirteenth  Report  of  U.  S.  Geological  Survey,  1892. 

(Contains  I.  C.  Russell's  account  of  his  second  attempt  to  climb 
Mt.  St.  Elias.     First  in  National  Geographical  Magazine,  1891.) 

'  Winter  ascents  of  .Mt.  Marcy,  the  highest  of  the  Adirondacks. 


The  Out  of  Doou  Lihrary.  Mountain  Climbing.  Scribners,  1897. 
(Contains  two  articles  on  Mt.  St.  Elias  first  printed  in  Scribner's 

The  Ascent  of  Mt.  St.  Elias  by  H.  R.  H.  -Duke  of  the  Auruzei. 
By  P^ilippo  de  Filippi,  1899. 

The  Shameless  Diary  of  an  Explorer. ^     By  Robert  Dunn,   1907. 

To  the  Top  of  the  Continent.*    By  Frederick  A.  COTjlT,  1908. 

The  Mt.  McKinley  Region  of  Alaska. '    By  A.  H.  Brooks,   1911. 

The  Conquest  of  Mt.  McKinley. *     By  Belmore  Browne,  1913. 

The  Ascent  of  Denali.'     By  Hudson  Stuck,  1914. 

Alpina  Americana,  No.  3.     By  Alfred  H.  Brooks,  1914. 

Mt.  McKinley  and  Mountain  Climbers  Proofs.'  By  Edwin  S. 
Balch,   1914. 

Appalachia,  December  1884,  July  1910,  April  1912,=  June  1913  ;* 
Alpine  Journal,  November  1886,  August  1889,  August  1911, i  May 
1913;!  -Sierra  Club  Bulletin,  January  1898;  Canadian  Alpine  Jour- 
nal, 1911,1  1915;  National  Geographic  Magazine,  May  1891,  March 
1908,  July  1912,  January  1917;  Rcvieio  of  Reviews,  January  1907  ;> 
Harper's,  March  1909;  World's  Work,  November  1913.^ 


The  Heart  of  the  Alleghanies  or  Western  North  Carolina. 
By  Wilbur  G.  Ziegler  and  Ben  S.  Grosscup,  1883. 

On  Horseback.  A  Tour  in  Virginia,  North  Carolina  and  Tennessee. 
By  Charles  Dudley  Warner,  1888. 

The  Carolina  Mountains.     By  Margaret  W.  ]\Iorley,  1913. 

Our  Southern  Highlanders.     By  Horace  Kephart,  1913. 

A  Thousand  Mile  Walk  to  the  Gulf.     By  John  Muir,  1916. 

Appalachia,  Volumes  1,  2,  3,  4,  6,  8  (1877  to  1897). 

A  Bibliography  of  the  Southern  Appalachian  and  White  Moun- 
tain Regions.  By  Helen  E.  Stockbridge.  Proceedings  of  the 
Society  of  American  Foresters,  1911. 


Companion  to  the  Botanical  Magazine,  Vol.  2,  p.  134,  London,  1836. 
Topographical  Survey  in  the  Rocky  Mountains.     By  J.  J.  Mc- 

Arthur  in  Annual  Reports  of  the  Department  of  Interior,  1886  to  1893. 
Triangulation  Survey  in  the  Rocky  Mountains.    By  W.  S.  Drewry, 

in  Annual  Reports  of  the  Department  of  Interior,  1890  to  1893. 
Camping    in    the  Canadian  Rockies.     By  Walter  D.  Wilcox,    1896. 

(Enlarged  edition  published  as  The  Rockies  of  Canada,  1900.) 
Mountaineering  on  the  Himalayas  and  Other  Mountain  Ranges. 

By  J.   Norman  Collie,    1902. 

^  Wholly  or  in  part  about  Mt.  McKinley,  the  highest  mountain  in  North  America. 
'  Mt.  Blackburn. 

4PPA.LACHIA,  VOL.  XlV,  NO.  3 


Climbs  and  Exploration  in  the  Canadian  Rockies.  By  Hugh  E. 
M.  Stutfield  and  J.  Norman  Collie,  1903. 

In  the  Heart  of  the  Canadian  Rockies.     By  James  Outram,  1905. 

A  Guide  Book  to  the  -Lake  Louise  Region.  By  Walter  D.  Wilcox, 

The  Canadian  Rockies.  New  and  Old  Trails..  By  A.  P.  Coleman, 

Old  Indian  Trails.     By  Mary  T.  S.  Schaffer,  1911. 

Through  the  Heart  of  Canada.     By  Frank  Yeigh,  1911. 

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Among  the  Canadian  Alps.     By  Lawrence  J.  Burpee,  1914. 

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ment of  Interior,  Ottawa,  1909  to  the  present. 

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1911;  Geographical  Review,  July  1916;  Sierra  Club  Bulletin,  Janu- 
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September  1916;  Overland,  September  1910;  University,  October, 
1910;  Canadian,  August  1910,  July  1914;  Harper's,  May  1915;  Rod 
and  Gun  in  Canada,  January  1917,  December  1917. 

Bibliographies  in  Appal.achia,  Vol.  10,  May  1903,  and  in  Burpee's 
Aviong  the  Canadian  Alps,  1914.     One  in  preparation  by  the  Alpine 
Club  of  Canada. 
For  ascents  of  Mt.  Robson,  highest  of  the  Canadian  Rockies,  see 

Canadian  Alpine  Journal,  1909,   1910,   1912,   1913;  Appalachia,    1910, 

1914;  Alpine  Journal,  November   1910,    November  1912,    August   1913, 

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cariboo  mountains 
Canadian  Alpine  Jouu.nal,  Vol.  8,  1917. 

cascade  mountains 

The  Mountains  of  Oregon.     By  W.  G.  Steel,  1890. 

The  Mountain  that  was  God.*     By  John  H.  Williams,  1910. 

Our  Greatest  Mountain  and  Alpine  Regio.ns  of  Wonder.*    By 

A.  H.  Barnes,  1911. 
The  Guardians  of  the  Columbia.     By  .John  H.  Williams,  1912. 
Mt.  Rainier.      A  Record  of  Exploration.*    By  Edmond  S.  Meany, 



Mt.    Rainier    National    Park.      General    Information.'     Published 

annually  (free)  by  Department  of  Interior.     Bibliography  included. 

Crater  Lake  National  Park.    General  Information.    Department  of 

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The  Catskill  Mountains  and  the  Region  Around.     By  Charles 

Rockwell,   1867. 
Appalachia,  July  1880,    May    1890;    Bulletin   American   Geographical 

Society,  April  1907. 

central  AMERICA 

The  Southland  of  North  America.     By  George  P.  Putnam,   1913. 
Alpine  Journal,  Vol.  1,  March  1864;  National  Geographical  Magazine, 
July  1912. 

coast  range  of  BRITISH  COLUMBIA 

Travels  in  Alaska.    By  John  Muir,  1915. 
Alaska  Days  with  John  Muir.     By  S.  Hall  Young,  1915. 
Canadian  Alpine  Journal,   1908,   1913,   1917;  Northern  Cordilleran, 
1913;   The  Mountaineer,   1917. 

desert  mountains 

(Southern  California,   southern  and  western  Utah  and  New  Mexico, 
all  of  Nevada  and  Arizona,  and  Northern  Mexico). 

^  Mt.  Rainier.    See  also  Mazama,  1900,  1905,  1914;  The  Mountaineer,  1908-1912,  1915. 


Report  ox  the  Geology  of  the  Henry  Mountains  (Utah).  By  G. 
K.  Gilbert,  U.  S.  C.  and  G.  S.,  1877. 

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Wharton  James,  2  vols.,  1906  (single  volume  edition  1911). 

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day,    1908. 

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380,  U.  S.  G.  S.,  1916. 

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fornia), December  1893  (Arizona),  July  1897  (Arizona);  Sierra 
Club  Bulleliyi,  June  1898  (New  Mexico),  June  1904  (Arizona), 
January  1918  (White  Mountains  of  California) ;  National  Geographic 
Magazine,  November  1911  (p.  1048,  Navajo  Mountain,  Utah). 

green  mountains 

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The  Lure  of  Vermont's  Silent  Places,   the  Green  Mountains. 

By  R.  M.  Olzendam.     Issued  by  Vermont  Bureau  of  Publicity,  Office 

of  Secretary  of  State,  n.  d.     1916  (?). 
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Vermont,   1917. 
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Appalachia,  December  1881,  December  1883,  December  1884,  December 

1887,  May  1890,  November  1896,  April  1901,  June  1915  (Ktaadn  in 

See   also  American  Journal  of  Science,   April  1837;  Putnam'' s,  Sep- 
tember 1856;  Scribner's,   May   1878. 

Partial   Bibliography  in   University  of  Maine  Studies,   No.   5.     By 
LeRoy  H.  Harvey,  1903.     The  copy  of  the  A.  M.  C.  has  MS.  additions. 


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(Four  Mexican  Volcanoes). 
See  also  N^ew  Monthly  Magazine,   March   1862;'  Science,   May  12, 
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purcell  range 

The  Mountaineer,  1910,  1911,  1914;  Canadian  Alpine  Journal,  1911, 

1912,     1915,     1916,     1917;     Geographical     Journal,      June  1911; 

Appalachia,  April  1912,   June  1913,   December  1916,   June  1917; 
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ROCKY    MOUNTAINS    (u.    S.) 

Account   op    an    Expedition    from    Pittsburgh   to    the    Rocky 

Mountains.     By   Edwin   James,    1823.     (First   ascent    of   Pike's 

The  Rocky  Mountains     .     .     .     from  the  Journal  of  Capt.  B.  L.  E. 

Bonneville.^     By  Washington  Irving,  1837. 
Report  of  the  Exploring  Expedition  to  the  Rocky  Mountains  in 

1842,1  by  J.  C.  Fremont,  1845. 
The  Switzerland  of  America:  A  Summer  Vacation  ix  the  Parks 

AND  Mountains  of  Colorado.     By  Samuel  Bowles,   1869.     (See 

also  same  author's  Our  New  West.) 
A  Lady's  Life  in  the  Rocky  Mountains.     By  Isabella  L.  Bird,  1879- 

80.     (Long's  Peak  and  the  Estes  Park  Region.) 

'  Orizaba,  highest  in  Me.xico. 
*  Wyoming. 


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and  R.  G.  R.  R.,  1916. 
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and  1916. 
See  also  Scrihner's,  June  1873 ;i   Outing,  July  1904,  December  1915,^ 
June  1916,  August  1916,  and  General  Information  regarding  Rocky  Mt. 
National,    Glacier    National,'^     Yellowstone  National  Parks,   all  three 
published  annually  by  Department  of  Interior,  Washington,  D.  C. 

SELKIRK   range 

The  Rocks  and  Rivers  of  British  Columbia.  By  Walter  Moberly, 

Among  the  Selkirk  Glaciers.     By  W.  S.   Green,   1890. 

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Los  Angeles 

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